Car hire

Today, many people who hire cars in Uganda and Rwanda opt to drive themselves other than being driven by anyone else. This is because they want to control their movements and also have a different feeling while on a safari full of extra exposures and wonders. In our company we offer these self drive services and allow our clients to drive themselves in any of our cars to any destination in Uganda or Rwanda without extra charges. However, most of them as they return the cars complain about traffic jam especially those that hire the cars for using in urban places. They say this affects their movements and limits them failing them to meet their programs in time. Traffic jam is a big problem in Africa and this because of the poor road planning and failure to come up with the most appropriate methods of reducing the problem on the major roads which are frequently used by people. Both Uganda and Rwanda suffer the same problem and it’s most common in busy places with many people and cars.

It is this reason that one should take note of some of the tips to dodge traffic jam while on a self drive to Rwanda and Uganda and below are some of them;-

  1. Travel earlier than others. Since there are specific times when traffic jam in Uganda and Rwanda is intense called the rush hours, then one should make sure that he travels before this time reaches. In the morning when most people are going to work traffic jam especially when entering the urban places becomes intense and in the evening when people are leaving work for their homes. We always encourage our customers to avoid driving during these times and make sure they drive at least few minutes to these times. If you know that most people leave home for work at around 7:00 am, the start driving from your home atleast 20 minutes to 7:00am. Same applies to evening hours when people are leaving work. Start travelling atleast 20 minutes to 5:00pm when most people leave their offices to home .this will help you avoid traffic jam that is hectic.
  2. Know other routes that can lead you to the same destination; – knowing the various roads in urban places which can lead you to the same destination is very important when avoiding traffic jam. Incase you find that one road is hit with traffic jam then you can use the other that is better off. This will save you the burden of keeping in jam for hours. We always encourage our clients to especially foreigners to use the maps well and also travel with a guide to help them overcome jam by helping them locate alternative routes.
  3. Lastly, keeping in the correct line on the road while driving helps to avoid traffic jam. Impatient drivers on the road always create other lines trying to move faster and in the end they create traffic jam. This is common in Africa where roads are not monitored well by the police. You can find that 3 lines have been created and it’s difficult to select which one to use but we encourage you to pick out the correct one. This is always in the middle in circumstances where 3 have been created. Correct lines move faster since the traffic officers care about them and less of the others.

Be assured that by using the above tips, you will never be stressed with traffic jam in both Uganda and Rwanda and you will have the best self drive experience on your safari.